About Us:

With the popularity of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie, the word "Avatar" has become a part of our common vocabulary. But what does it actually mean? Avatar is a word from the ancient sanskrit language meaning "one who descends." It refers to a concept given in the spiritual texts of India, collectively known as the Vedas, that God can and does appear in this world from time to time. When He comes He doesn't always appear in the same way, but assumes different forms according to the need of the time. These incarnations of God, or the forms God takes when he descends to this world, are known as Avatars.

We have named our games production company Avatari Games, which is not just a thoughtful marketing tool combining Avatar and Atari for a trendy games company. Avatari is a name given to the highest form of God, Krsna, who is the source of all Avatars. In the Vedas, in particular the text called the Bhagavat purana, the stories of the principle Avatars are told. These ancient tales are the inspiration for the Divine v/s Demons series. The first of the series, "The Lion Man Avatar," is released on App store.

Avatari was founded in December of 2009 by interactive entertainment visionaries Michele Elkan and Michael Elkan to create a next-generation virtual world platform dedicated to bringing people together on a massive global scale. This is done via the medium of spiritual games for the youth to adult which brings our spiritual minds together for a good common cause – Enlightening our knowledge in transcendental subjects. By gaining knowledge through games people can nurture their curiosity and ultimately seek for a higher taste.

Michele Elkan, Founder & CEO

Michele brings a wealth of business management experience to Avatari, and an approach that fosters creativity. She is focused on attracting top talent, pushing their creative boundaries and challenging them to excel.

Michael Elkan, President

Oversees the strategic goals, objectives, and platform architecture for Avatari. Michael is a transcendentalist and has far-out theories and concepts to contribute to the virtual world platform.

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Besides the core team we recruit Marketing specialists and Application programmers on a regular basis who work on a project-basis. To contribute to an innovative team please email your resume to sales@avatarigames.com